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The Mental Game and Team Building



Drawing from an array of assessments and methodologies used for leadership and team development, Mitch Laurance and Joan Shafer give you the platform to identify and define your inherent strengths and train you in the skills that maximize them. Every program is customized to meet the challenges that face your particular team, whether it be making that final jump to greatness, increasing commitment, improving communication, or developing leadership. This produces powerful results for both coaches and players.

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College Team Building Program

For years, the predominant areas of attention in the world of sports have been on the physical side of the game – new equipment technology, professional instruction, game management, body conditioning, etc. For those who have focused on these areas and have not gained as much as they wanted, it's been easy to believe that a marked shift in ability or improvement is not possible.  We believe it is.

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Elevate your team to a new dimension.