What do we do here?

Unlike other health and fitness companies, at Whole In One we focus on all aspects of health and wellness because you are a whole person and all the pieces are connected.  We are here For Your Whole Health.

You can work out all you want, but you will get the best results (lasting results) if your nutrition plan coincides with your fitness goals.  On the flip side, you can have the best diet going, but your muscles and joints will not be strong to carry you as you age without the right fitness plan for YOUR life.  It takes both, and so much more.

Most of us fall of the wagon with our nutrition and fitness plans because we are lacking in the areas of mindset and the things that feed our soul.  Our bodies can only do what our minds tell us we can do and our minds are driven by our heart (soul).  In order to be successful in living our best lives, we need to fuel all of the systems so that they work together symbiotically.  And that is what we mean by your Whole health.

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A little about me …

Let me take just a minute to introduce myself and let you know how happy I am that you're here!

My name is Jessica, founder of Whole In One.  You'll get to meet the other member of our team as we dig into your struggles and goals regarding your health, why you're here, and where you want to go.

So, I grew up in a small town in Upstate NY. I played sports, played the flute in the band, worked on the yearbook, worked at the local grocery store, and was friendly with most but did not have many close friends. I went to college, got married, got divorced, worked a corporate job, owned a bar, moved to Florida, owned a restaurant, owned an event management and catering company, worked a few other corporate jobs, got married again, got divorced again, and am now finding my way back to the things that I am passionate about and the things that make me fulfilled.

Through the process, I am learning so much about myself and the life that I want and am learning that I am actually worthy of receiving and achieving those things. My faith continues to grow by leaps and bounds, I have begun to workout again after almost a year in hiding, I have begun to focus more on my nutrition again so that I feel better, my confidence started building again, and I began connecting with the right kinds of people for the life that I want. Though I am still struggling with some insecurities, I have allowed myself to fall in love again too! And I have learned that there are so many women (and men, too) who have similar stories and struggles and how my healing would have gone more smoothly if I had accepted help along my journey. My mission now is to bring others hope and help and the ability to live their best lives!

Thank you, again, for being here!

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