I'm so glad you stopped by!

This project is something that I had been working on for nearly a year when  I decided I was finally brave enough to bare it all and share my story because I know there are so many of you who have similar stories and just don't know where to turn or you feel completely alone.

We all have goals, dreams, things we want to accomplish in life, right?  So what hold us back?  The answer is simple . . . FEAR!  And I'll be the first to admit that I've been terrified to open up like this and that's been holding me back from fulfilling what I truly believe to be my purpose!  So whatever it is that you're afraid of (we'll get into that later), let me assure you that you are NOT ALONE!

Most of us spent our childhood fearLESS . . . climbing trees, jumping over obstacles on a bicycle or skateboard, chatting with a perfect stranger walking down the street, belly-laughing as the neighborhood dog pulled the sled crazy fast from yard to yard, jumping off the high dive board at the local swimming pool, or whatever adventure you may have LOVED fearlessly as a child.

And then, somewhere along the way, we LEARN fear.  Bullying at school, a parent with incredibly high expectations who we do not want to disappoint, the first heartbreak in middle school, not making the softball team or cheer squad.  

FEAR of embarrassment

FEAR of disappointment

FEAR of rejection

FEAR of failure

FEAR of success (yes, it's real)

Our fears leave us feeling like we're not good enough.  Plain and simple.  No matter how you slice it, that's pretty much what it all boils down to.  So we end up telling ourselves these stories (usually rooted somewhere in our childhood or young adulthood) and we hold ourselves back from even attempting to go after what we want, let alone getting to a point of achieving it.  

If you were talking to your best friend about her (or his) fears and how they don't believe they can go after whatever it is they want, what would you say to her (or him)?  You'd tell her (or him) she was crazy, right?  Because she's beautiful and amazing and smart and can do anything she puts her mind to.  You'd tell her not to listen to everyone around her and not to listen to the voices in her head and just go for it, right?

So why can't we have the same conversation with ourselves???

Assignment:  Go look in the mirror and tell that incredible woman looking back you that she IS good enough!  That's it.  Keep it simple today.  But DO IT!  I promise you'll thank yourself eventually!