MindFUL vs MindLESS Eating

Are you a snacker?

I'm not usually however, since I started working from home, I find myself looking for a snack at times.  And I know I'm not alone in this so I wanted to share a few thoughts with you.

MYTH . . . snacking bad!

TRUTH . . . snacking can be just fine as long as you're mindful about it!

What do I mean by mindful?  Well, for starters, WHY are you looking for a snack?  Are you hungry?  I mean, truly hungry?  Or are you bored?  Are you stressed out?  Properly hydrated?  Are you looking for something sweet or salty?  What did you have for your last meal?  How long ago was that meal?  

All of these questions play a part in why we eat what we eat and when we eat.

For example, like you'll see in the video below, I was recently avoiding a task that I needed to complete because it was overwhelming.  So I was looking for anything to distract me from sitting down to tackle that task.  I was wandering the house and scrolling (not bored, but my mind/stomach treated it the same) AND what I'd eaten for lunch left an after-taste that wasn't pleasant.  On top of that, I'd barely drank any water at that point in the day so I was also a little dehydrated.  All of that led me to the freezer where there was some ice cream.  I mean . . . who doesn't love those drumsticks from when we were kids?!

The truth is, though, that I wasn't hungry.  What I should have done was brush my teeth to get rid of that bad taste in my mouth and had a glass of water so my stomach felt full.

Now, if I really WAS hungry, I should have chosen something with nutritional value like carrots and hummus or a banana.

If this has gotten you thinking, check out the video below for some tips and let me know what you think!