This is WHY I do what I do!

Jessica Slater thanks so very much! You are such an inspiration to me and I thank you for always keeping me going towards my goal and I so appreciate YOU” 

~ Dardy M.


I have been very blessed in my life to have always had great jobs in the corporate world.

So when an opportunity came up for me to start a coaching business years ago, I was luke warm about it. I love all things health and fitness but I’ve owned a few businesses throughout my career and I was actually appreciating the routine of a regular schedule and a regular paycheck. Get up, workout, pack lunches, punch in, punch out, stop for happy hour, make dinner, do laundry, do dishes, watch tv, go to bed, repeat.

But read that again . . .

It was the “repeat” part that really got me thinking . . . yup, I was getting a good paycheck and paying my bills and going out to eat once in a while but I wasn’t LIVING. I was existing . . . going through the motions.  And I wasn't getting the fulfillment I was searching for.

So I decided I would dip my toes in to see what this coaching thing was all about. I originally signed on with a company to earn free product because I was using their products in my daily routine any way so why not get them for free, right?  But what I found was INCREDIBLE! 

I found a way to really make an impact on people’s lives! 

Whether it’s the woman who sits behind a computer all day and just wants to lose 10lbs so that her pants fit more comfortably, or the mom of 3 who needs just 30 minutes a day to fill her cup, or the household manager who needs community to feel connected to the world, or the girl with 3 jobs who needs the accountability to stay out of the drive thru, or ANYONE in need of some self-confidence . . . I have the tools and resources to provide a solution. And who am I to keep those solutions to myself???

Although I have been in the health and fitness industry for years, I hadn't really found my niche . . . MY way of helping as many people as I can with their unique circumstances . . . until recently . . .

And with the help, love, encouragement and support of my ride or die (by far the most amazing man I've ever met), I have completely revamped my business model to be able to reach YOU where YOU are at in YOUR journey.  Because the most important thing to truly understand is that YOU and YOUR journey are like no other.  You can't expect that what your BFF is doing to take care of themselves is going to work for YOU.  You have a different body composition, different life stresses, different emotional triggers, different sleep patterns, etc.  So we need to find what works for YOU so that YOU are successful in achieving YOUR goals in a way that can be sustainable.

I am not a personal trainer or life coach. I do not treat everyone the same. I am not that person that is going to prescribe you a program, send you on your way, and expect that you’ll follow it.  I am not that person who is going to stand behind you at the gym yelling at you to give me one more rep.  I am not that person who is going to expect you follow (insert diet-of-the-day here) or even think of asking you to.

I AM a Wellness Advocate, here to help you improve your WHOLE health. TOGETHER we will talk about your struggles, we will work on your mindset, we will change your self-talk, we will look at why you eat the way that you do so that we can come up with a plan that will help you meet your goals and that is sustainable for YOU, we will determine a fitness routine that you will enjoy so that you maintain it, we will develop healthy habits, we will grow in faith and hope.

Why? Because I do not believe in Fit for Now, but FIT FOR LIFE!  And that is all encompassing!

“Don’t let age change you, Change the way you age” ~ Autumn Calabrese

So if you’re ready to change the way you age, please click on the Contact Us button at the bottom of the page or visit me on social media because I can’t wait to talk about what’s best for YOU!

The results are in . . .

So proud of these ladies and all that they are accomplishing to live their best lives!

I hope that the biggest thing you notice in these before and after shots is not the weight loss but the SMILES and JOY and HOPE and CONFINDENCE!

Heather J.

Turned Fitness Instructor

Rosemary F.

Working Mom

Alyssa H.

Teacher & Mom

We’re always here to answer your questions, to get to know you better, and to help you live your best life!